The Belligerents – New Video for Steal Money

Fresh from announcing their tour dates off the back of their forthcoming EP, Brisbane indie-electro five piece the Belligerents have released their new single ‘Steal Money’ and a cool clip to accompany it.

‘Steal Money’ is an epic indie rock track that has it all, Handclaps, OOhh oohs, and more than their fair share of reverb. It is the kind of mid-tempo track that instantly gets you out of your seat and has your body pulsing with every beat. It is a really tight, complete sound from the Belligerents and has me really excited for their forthcoming EP ‘She Calls the Shots’ out June 22nd.

‘Steal Money’ is also accompanied by a confronting and captivating video clip that portrays a man’s deceptive double life away from the daily grind of working nine-to-five. Its one of the harder hitting videos, but fantastic in every way.

Enjoy ‘Steal Money’, book your tickets to catch the guys, and get excited for the Belligerents new EP which drops next week!

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