Jinja Safari – New Song ‘Toothless Grin’ and Tour

After wearing out ‘Peter Pan’ in my iTunes, I am pleased to say that Jinja Safari are back with a energetic new tune called ‘Toothless Grin’ , bounding in more of the positive, fun vibes.

‘Toothless Grin’ is the complete package. It has these fantastic tribal drum beats, catchy guitar riffs and tops it all off with a ‘Lord of the Rings’-esque pan pipe melody. I also love the way Jinja Safari deliver their message with such polite and eloquent vocals, its kind of ‘cute’. The track really manages to capture their energetic youthful enthusiasm you see onstage and package it into an mp3. Its a cracking listen, it just absorbs you into forgetting how crap the weather is, distracts you from your real work and gets you keen for a bit of jive. Its just a really fun happy track that oozes charm – I can’t really get across how much I like this track.

The guys have also announced a number of dates to play around the country off the back off this new track so be sure to catch them around.

Tour Dates

Wednesday August 8th – Astor Theatre, Perth
Thursday August 9th – Uni Bar, Adelaide
Friday August 10th – Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne
Saturday August 11th – Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne
Wednesday August 15th – ANU Bar, Canberra
Thursday August 16th – Bar on the Hill, Newcastle
Friday August 17th – Metro Theatre, Sydney
Saturday August 18th – Hi-Fi Bar, Brisbane

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