Georgia Fair – New Single Blind and Headline Dates

Sydney based folk band ‘Georgia Fair’ have released their new single ‘Blind’ off their album ‘All Through Winter’.

The track which tells quite a melancholy tale of (as the song title suggests) being blind to the girl he loves. The husky emotional vocals of Jordan Wilson are outstanding once again, and combine well with the soft racing drums to create a fair amount of tension and angst in the song. The double acoustic guitar set up really works and creates this effect of there being one super-hectic guitarist, whilst helping build towards the final climactic chorus so well. The video clip really helps convey the story and adds to the tension and uncertainty surrounding the man in the song. Although slightly depressing, its a track that definitely grows on you.

Georgia Fair have recently been touring with Wilson’s current missus Lisa Mitchell, but have also announced their own headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Georgia Fair will play at the Standard on Friday, July 6th in Sydney and in Melbourne will hit up the Toff in Town on July 12th, being supported by Dirt Farmer.

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