Gig Review – Tigertown,The Falls, Gang of Youths

Keen to catchy rising indie darlings Tigertown, I ventured to Hibernian House in Surrey Hills during the peak of rush hour in time to catch the supports Gang of Youths and The Falls before Tigertown hit the stage at the oddly early time of 7.30.

For those who have never been to Hibernian House, I can tell you its a pretty daunting venue. There is no bar at the front, no clear entrance and to get to the performing room you have to venture through a mile of graffiti clad concrete walls and stairwells, in a setting that has a very scary resemblence to that in the horror movie Hostel. However, once I reached the show room I was presented with a cute homemade stage, complete with candles, ambiance creating paraphernalia and their own Tigertown backdrop.For us patrons their were comfy couches, rugs to sit on and a pretty convenient BYO policy.  You were definitely close to the action, like ‘put your phone on silent’ close, with people being no more than 5m from the action at any point.

The first act to hit the stage was Gang of Youths, playing their first proper gig. With the room not as packed as the band deserved, they proceeded to get things rolling in what turned out to be a powerful and emotional set. Gang of Youths delivered a pretty cool guitar dominated sound, complete with some sexy harmonies, and some driving beats thrown in just to give the guitars some context. They didn’t hold back on the theatrics either, with frontman David Leaupepe putting on a stomping good show up the front. These guys will definitely be a band to watch.

Next up was the angelic vocal combination that is The Falls. Its amazing how two people with incredible voices and armed only with an acoustic guitar and drum pedal can create such incredible music. There was a real chemistry between the two on stage that was matched in the way their voices managed to intertwine and deliver a message that was so much more heartfelt than the lyrics could describe.  Their harmonies were something really special, and it was great to hear their recently released single ‘Home’ live.

Within 15 seconds of Tigertown hitting the stage, you knew their days of playing little venues were close to over. They deliver such a rustic indie sound, with eclectic beats, gorgeous harmonies and soft layering of guitars and bass. The vocals by Charlie were special, she manages to scale such a wide range of notes whilst never losing the warmth and raw emotion in her voice. They played a solid set featuring breakthrough hit ‘Go Now’ and mixing it up with a little bluegrass number in their penultimate track, which really allowed you to see a western influence in some of their other songs. Tigertown finished the night with their latest single ‘Lions and Witches’ which if you thought sounded good in mp3 or YouTube form, I can assure you is far better live. The harmonies are superb, the drumming is tight and the interjecting keyboard notes just come together so well. It was a fantastic end to a heartwarming intimate gig.

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