Jakarta Criers – Peking

If your bored with your iTunes library and looking for the next big thing in indie rock, look no further than Jakarta Criers.

Jakarta Criers are the latest indie outfit from Brisbane to burst onto the Australian music scene and their rad new track ‘Peking’ is the driving force behind their rising popularity.

‘Peking’ has to be one of the best guitar dominated tracks of 2012. The double electric, one bass guitar setup is a real winner, but it still takes some hectic musical ability to pull it off as well as Jakarta Criers have. The all in guitar solo around the 3 minute mark has to be some of the best jamming I have heard this year. The vocals by James Walker back up the music sensationally, with his voice scaling a range of notes whilst still conveying such emotion. Altogether, the track delivers a really tight complete sound, and is a fantastic laid back rock track – be sure to grab your copy off their unearthed page.

‘Peking’ is one hell of a track, and if Jakarta Criers can keep producing the goods, they may well dominate the world and prove Australian guitarists are well and truly the best in the business. Expect big things from these guys in the future.


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