Ghosts of York – Fox Hunting Party Album Review

If your looking for something to keep you warm this winter, the hot infectious sound from the debut album by Ghosts of York, ‘Fox Hunting Party’, may just do the trick.

Ghosts of York are based out of Sydney and have already attracted my attention with their catchy form of indie rock in the tracks ’1990′ and ‘Plastic Heart’, so I am so excited to see the boys have just released their debut full length album.

Setting the scene is one of my favourites off the album, the aforementioned ‘Plastic Heart’. Its a great track to open with, and really gets you grooving with its pumping beats. The next couple of tracks then serve to show the Ghosts of York’s versatility, with the rich percussion of ‘Beach House’, low tempo of ‘Caves’ and progressive build in ‘It Just Became the Afternoon’ each displaying a real difference of sound. As we hit the second half of the album, the guitarists come of age and really show off their talents. The intricacies of the guitar work in ‘I Was Alive’ highlight the real musical skill these boys have, with my favourite track, ’1990′ also having me hooked within 20 seconds following a sweet introductory guitar riff.

Throughout the album, the vocals by Brendan Annakin are delivered with gusto, whilst retaining this velvety smoothness to it. In many ways they remind me of a cross between Eskimo Joe’s frontman Kav Temperley and The Scripts Danny O’Donoghue. ‘Hours’ is probably the best song to draw the vocal comparisons with.

‘Fox Hunting Party’ is a hive of bursting indie rock that you can really get your groove to. It showcases a really complete sound characterised by rich driving percussion, soaring guitar riffs, and a healthy overlay of synth. With several stand-out dance-able indie tracks that rival the best of indie bands in the business, its a wonder why Ghosts of York haven’t received more airplay.

Put simply, ‘Fox Hunting Party’ is a ripper of an album and a fantastic debut. It really highlights the potential, Ghosts of York have, so watch for the guys to take big strides forward in the near future.


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