Stock Exchange – The Castle and The City

Adelaide base quartet Stock Exchange are one band who’s rock ballads we have really been rocking out to this week.

The Adelaide based quartet successfully combine the piano, drums, and guitars to emit a classic piano rock sound. However, it is the deep baritone voice of their lead singer and cool use of novel sounds such as bells that really make the band stand out from the pack.

‘The Castle’ is a great track the band have produced, being flawless pulsing rock n roll. Its an intense song with some pretty clever lyrics thrown in. How somebody can ever come up with the line “Now I spend all my time breaking into laboratories”, is beyond me, but its pretty catchy. Equally good is their more low-fi rock ballad ‘The City’, both which are available from their unearthed page.

With the boys producing some pretty sweet tunes, watch out for these guys to get much bigger before 2012 is out.

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