Battleships – Your Words

If you loved the low-fi intensity of Battleships  ‘In Retrospect’ then you will love their new track ‘Your Words’.

In a bold move, ‘Your Words’ opens with the pluckiest of guitar chords, being backed by the pulsing drums and the smooth deep voice of Jordan Sturdee. It you have any doubts about the bands ability to back up from ‘In Retrospect’ they are answered come the first chorus. The song instantly becomes so much more intense, thanks to this low screeching bass riff and pronounced heavy drumming. Post chorus I enjoy the return to driving beats overlayed with soaring guitar hooks, whilst the vocals are solid throughout. Its another cracking tune from the guys, who are developing their really deep intense sound, taking it to new levels.

With Battleships working towards an EP release later this year, get excited for what could be one of Australia’s real ‘it’ bands in the coming year.

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