Red Ink – Euphoria

Being a massive Red Ink fan, the song title really matched my feelings upon finding out the Melbourne boys had just dropped a new single, ‘Euphoria‘.

The boys from Red Ink have done it again, and if you’re not totally absorbed by the intro, then I guarantee you will be sucked in by the awesome screeching guitar solo about 30 seconds in. The almost iconic Red Ink pulsating drum and soaring guitar jams at the end of each chorus are a particular highlight, whilst John Jakubenko’s vocals are at their powerful, husky best. ‘Euphoria’ is soo well layered, it takes off at the start, smashes it up through the middle and finishes with a fantastic blow you away finale. Another cracking track from the lads.

With this being the first single of their impending EP, we are getting very excited! I just wish Red Ink would hurry up and drop their new EP ‘The Colour Age‘ already!

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