Lost Weekends – Swallow Your Pill

Lost Weekends are four-piece indie dance outfit based in Melbourne who have captured our attention with catchy tune ‘Swallow Your Pill‘.

‘Swallow Your Pill’ is an incredible track. At first listen you think it is all rock, which to a degree it is. But underlying the guitars and drums is this fantastic baseline that you can easily get your groove to – that’s the dance part. The vocals are pretty different too, being loud, intense and confronting, but still pretty easy on the ears. ‘Swallow Your Pill’ is dirty, grungy indie rock at its best, a real headbanging track you can dance to on a night out, perhaps that adds a bit of irony to the title.

Be sure to check them out on unearthed and give their other equally dance-able track ‘Skoosh‘ a twirl. Keep an eye on these guys.

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