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Hey Geronimo – Why Don’t We Do Something


Hey Geronimo are a indie party starting outfit from Brisbane that have just released their debut self titled EP, and to celebrate we decided to feature the single ‘Why Don’t We Do Something‘ which is so catchy it puts the flu to shame.

With the band being an amalgamation of people from now defunct bands The Boat People and Montpelier, you knew that Hey Geronimo were always going to deliver the goods, and ‘Why Don’t We Do Something’ does just that. ‘Why Don’t We Do Something’ is one of those songs that just gets you up and about. Its bouncy clean energetic fun and delivers its message with so much enthusiasm even the most lazy of individuals would be tempted to go out and kick a footy. The video clip also rips on some of the classic iPhone games, running on the tagline, ‘why don’t we do something’, needless to say its quite amusing. ‘Why Don’t We Do Something’ is the kind of track you instantly know the lyrics to and can’t wait to shout them out at every opportunity.

Be sure to check out Hey Geronimo’s debut self titled EP, full of more of the same bouncy retro surf meets energetic indie pop.

Homebake Festival Announces Line-Up


The Homebake festival has always been Aussie Playlist’s favourite muisc festival, showcasing exclusively Australian music. However this year in an attempt to go ‘global’ (aka sell out on your principles), Homebake have announced Blondie, the American ‘has been’ with hits that included ‘Heart of Glass’ back in the 70s. Poor show Homebake <insert more backlash and ranting here>.

Apart from our disappointment at Blondie headlining, the line-up is pretty solid and other than music features a variety of comedy acts including Tim Minchin (who in our eyes is the honorary headliner). Other bigger acts include Kimbra, rock outfit Birds of Tokyo, and Daniel Merriweather. Iconic hip hop stars Hilltop Hoods are playing, as are Angus and Julia Stone, each separately to promote their single careers. Indie favourites Ball Park Music will also hit the stage, along with psychedelic rockers Pond. A number of up and coming bands are also making an appearance including, San Cisco, Emma Louise, Jinja Safari, hip hoppers Diafrix and DZ Deathrays.

Plus there are more announcements to come!

The festival is to be held in The Domain again this year on December 8th, with tickets going on sale August 16th.

Full Line-up


Lavers – Our Little Empire



Canberra band Lavers, coincidentally made up of the two Laver brothers Dom and Sebastian, have just released their latest single ‘Our Little Empire’ off their impending 7 track EP ‘Endless Corridors‘.

‘Our Little Empire’  is a delicate and soulful acoustic number, and its easy to see how comparisons to Fleet Foxes and Bryan Adams have arisen. The thing that really stands out about ‘Our Little Empire’ and Lavers songs in general is the deepness to their songwriting. Each track contains a certain amount of emotion, but the boys deliver it in such a focused and controlled manner, as to raise awareness of the issues in the song, without impinging on the quality of listen. With a tagline such as ‘Our little empire’, where better to shoot the film clip than Japan? Matching the emotion in the track, the video clip seems to focus in on the isolation of a people, perhaps best summed up in the lyric “What happened to forever?”.

‘Our Little Empire’ is a great melancholy track, the kind that you appreciate more and more with every listen, and really shows that The Lavers have the songwriting potential to make large stamp on the Australian music scene.

Q & As with Tokyo Denmark Sweden

taokyo denmark sweden

Who are Tokyo Denmark Sweden? How did you meet?

Tom and Chris met at a Midnight Juggernauts show in a dingy Brisbane Pool Hall. Chris and Amy met via MySpace. It was like Facebook but way easier to creep on people. Your clichéd threeway love story, really.

The name: one city, two countries. Why that combo? And how did you come up with that?

We wanted something sleek, punchy, memorable and universal and Presidents of The United States Of America was already taken. Also, it’s a line in a song from one of our favourite bands, Gerling, a sick Australian band who combined guitars and electronics, just like us.

Did you have any musical projects before Tokyo Denmark Sweden?

We’ve all been involved in other bands, collaborations and musical projects in some form before TDS. None as fruitful as the current, but all fun nonetheless!

Where was your first ever live show?

Our first live show was at the Caxton Hotel in Brisbane, Easter Long Weekend. We’re good friends with the owners and they asked us to come up and play. Our set involved a power outage and multiple-level keyboard stands collapsing mid set!

You have been gigging around Sydney lately, supporting Nantes and Pluto Jonze to name a few, what have been your favourite gigs so far?

We loved playing the Select Music 7th Birthday show, playing alongside many of our favourite artists like Argentina, Pluto Jonze, and RÜFÜS. The whole night was just epic! We also had fun recently playing the FBi & Sony Headphone Amnesty at FBi Social with Elizabeth Rose. And the sold-out shows with RÜFÜS and Parachute Youth!

What is the strangest thing that has happened when you have been performing so far? Any random injuries?

Strangest thing? Um, people turning up to our shows other than our friends. Strange but really cool. Worst injuries? Just the damage to our pride when neither our friends nor ‘fans’ turn up to gigs, which is inevitably going to happen along the way when you’re first starting out in Sydney.

How do you go about making your music? What is the first thing you do when writing a new song, or does it vary?

It definitely varies. A song could be borne out of a melody Amy dreams up, or a cool beat we hear. There is no method to our madness! We all write, usually separately, and then bring songs at various stages of completion to the group and we finish them together.

What do your record collections look like? What are the albums you have always listened to, and the ones that never get old?

Combined, our musical tastes are broad. From Robert Johnson to LCD Soundsystem, Paul Kelly to Niki and the Dove, Santigold to Jonathon Boulet, Neil Young to Beyonce. We’ll give anything a whirl!

Although every band is different, what other acts have most influenced the sound you hear in Tokyo Denmark Sweden?

Passion Pit, Crystal Castles, you’d also hear a bit of Robyn, Kanye West and latter day Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

There have been rumours of a forthcoming EP, can you shed any more light on the matter?

We’re literally working on it as we speak. It will include our first single Little Quarters together with our next single, Lights Off, due out by the end of July. The EP will encapsulate our sound: fat beats, throbbing bass, dreamy synths and racy guitars. There are some sick chanting choruses to play sing-a-long to, as well!

2012 has seen you guys take some big steps, what does 2013 have in store for Tokyo Denmark Sweden?

Giant leaps! A lot more shows and touring, hopefully some festival slots, remixes & DJ sets. We would just love to keep this thing progressing to the point where we could get a bit of time to work on an album. We are the absolute masters of half writing songs so we have a lot of material that we can play with.

Check out Tokyo Denmark Sweden on Facebook and listen to their music here


Goldfields – Moves


Aptly named 5-piece Goldfields are from the mining country of Ballarat, and blew me away with their on stage show supporting Canadian band Metric last Thrusday.

‘Moves’ was one of their tracks that I had previoulsy enjoyed, but there was something about seeing Goldfields perform it live for the first time that blew my mind and took the appreciation of their music to a new level. Countries are backed by Nuclear Weapons, Politicains thier word, but nothing compares to the double drum combination backing Gold Fields. The intensity of each drummer and the wall of sound they produce is phenomenal. Add some crafty bass, raging guitar and a smooth performing frontman and you have an ideal electro rock outfit that is just dripping in synth.

Gold Fields are one of those bands that are pretty sweet in mp3 form, but seeing them live is incomparable. GO TO THEIR GIGS!!! See for yourself!

Rainy Day Women – Aimee

Rainy Day Women

Despite what their name may suggest, Perth band Rainy Day Women are an all male 4-piece who have earned a bit of kudos with their latest track ‘Aimee‘.

‘Aimee’ is one of the tracks that is a real slow burner. It has a solid baseline, a haunting pattern on the lead guitar and the vocals by Dylan Ollivierre are soft and clear. The lyrics are poignant, but not cryptic with the repeated refrain “Aimee, I want your love” giving away the theme of a song that delves deep into the psyche of a man desperate for love. It is one of those tracks that just melts your ears away with every listen, slow, delicate and charming. Pretty chilled stuff.

Keep your eyes and ears pinned for a new EP from Rainy Day Women as they are currently in the studio.


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