Greyjoy – Distance

Perth indie pop outfit Greyjoy have provided three absolutely awesome tracks in ‘Distance‘, ‘Joseph‘ and ‘Aurora‘ that have quite rightly started to receive their fair share of airplay.

Despite the three tracks being outrageously good, I have to say the low tempo masterpiece that is ‘Distance’ really takes the cake for me. The calmness this track brings me is incredible.  I especially love the way the track comes together towards the final verse, slowly fading in the drums, guitars and keys under the cloak of these soaring harmonies, before BANG! everything is gone. The abruptness shocked me and I was actually left wanting more. Its a killer of the tune by the Perth Boys.

Having received Triple J airplay, and made their live debut at the WAMi Festival in Perth only earlier this month, things are starting to happen for Greyjoy. Keep your ears pinned for the next big installment.

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