Manor – Afghan Hound

Melbourne indie rock duo Manor treated us last year with the catchy tune ‘Rhodesia‘ and have now returned with another great listen in ‘Afghan Hound‘.

The hazy, ‘calm as you like; vibe to this track is awesome. Its the kind of song that forms the soundtrack to a lazy Sunday, the track to listen to when you purposely won’t get out of bed and can’t be arsed to roll off the couch. I also love this deep bass riff that is carefully hidden under the drums, and comes through to hit the spot perfectly. ‘Afghan Hound’ is a really well constructed track, with the thumping drums, healthy use of keys and guitars combining well to give a really tight 60s-esque psychedelic sound. Make sure you get your copy from Unearthed.

‘Afghan Hound’ has also left the recording room (AKA the bedroom) and received some VIP treatment, with some additional production by Lee Groves (the same guy who looked after Elbow and Goldfrapp) and mastering in New York by Joe Lambert (who has also mastered Animal Collective and Dirty Projectors). Given the special attention Manor have received, I am expecting some big installments to come from the guys in the near future.


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