Eversham – Barricade

Eversham is the band name inspired by the last name of its three members, brother/cousin combination Joel, Joshua and Mitchell, and this Canberra threesome have put together a pretty cool track in ‘Barricade‘.

The first thing that stands out about ‘Barricade’, and several of Eversham’s other tracks is their are no vocals. But it doesn’t matter, with the track being a fantastic example of what rock should sound like. Starting with a simple alternating guitar pattern, the track progressively builds into a thunderous piece of rock n roll. At the same time the track seems to maintain this organisation about it which makes it easy to listen to. It is also easy to see that if the boys were to expand and get a vocalist, lyrics could be easily overlaid. Its just a fantastic 6 minute exhibition of drums, guitars and keys that hits the spot.

I really hope Eversham expands as the addition of vocals could really take this band to the next level, even if that does mean a name change. Having said that US indie rockers Fang Island have done pretty well without a singer, so it will be interesting to see where Eversham go.

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