Kingswood – Medusa

Kingswood have already caught peoples attention with their first single ‘Yeah, Go Die’, and their follow up ‘Medusa‘ is just as good from this heavy rock n’ roll outfit.

‘Medusa’ is more of the ‘Fuck You’ heavy rock style that Kingswood are quickly becoming synonymous with. In their own words Kingswood describe ‘Medusa’ as “a penetrating, seductive earthquake of aural delight”, and its a pretty creative but accurate description. Their tunes are hard hitting, loud, and pure rampant rock. We love it, and its no wonder they won Triple Js competition to play Splendour, as they are clearly one of the more exciting rock outfits in the country.

We also can’t wait to catch the guys playing The Landsdowne in Broadway on Friday in support of Damn Terran and Money for Rope. I hear they put on quite the show, so be sure to get their if you can.

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