Q&As with Greyjoy

Having loved the tunes Greyjoy have provided us with so much, we decided to have a little questions and answers session with Greyjoy to see what makes them tick. Here’s what they had to say…

First up, who are Greyjoy? How did you guys all meet and decide to start making music together?

Greyjoy is made up of Karlin (guitar,keys,vox), Matt (keys), Jeremy (bass), Jake (guitar, vox) and Sam (drums).  Karlin had been writing and recording all sorts of different songs under the name Sunlion for a while and I think I met him through Jeremy who I sometimes saw at uni. Karlin and I got talking about how guitars were no where near as cool as synths and he told me about his friend selling a Juno 6 and I bought it a couple of days later and Greyjoy was essentially born.

What made you choose the name Greyjoy, and why not keep it as two words? Did you perform under any other stage names before finding the one that worked?

It’s mostly just a reference to Game of Thrones. We’re all gnarly fantasy geeks so it just made sense. Karlin also called his cat Theon, he’s actually meowing in my ear right now, he’s a bit of a shithead just like the character in the books.

I imagine that each of you were involved in other musical projects before Greyjoy. What other bands did you play in?

Karlin has been in a bunch of bands, he played bass with The Novocaines for a while and also played in Streetlight. Sam plays in a few other bands like Dead Owls and I think he plays drums for Grace Woodroofe when she’s in Australia. Him and Jake also play in Sugarpuss who are rad.

What has been your venue to play at so far? And if you could play any venue, what would it be?

Our favourite place so far (we’ve only played like 3 shows) would probably be the Bird in Northbridge just cos the sound guy there is a real chill bro and does a super good job. We’d love to play anywhere interstate or overseas. Not picky at all.

What is it that drives you to make music?

We all just love music. Listening, recording, playing, whatever. Specifically for Greyjoy music though I’d say Karlin and I just had mad love for 80’s sounding synths and jangly guitars and it went from there.

When you’re writing music, who does what? Do you rely on one creative member, or do you write your tunes collectively?

Karlin is pretty much the creative force. He’s super musical. I help him a bit at the end to finish everything off but that’s about it. He pretty much writes, records and mixes the songs himself.

When you are trying to write new music, how do you go about it? What comes first, the lyrics, the guitar hooks, etc?

Probably just listening to music til there’s some inspiration. Karlin will just bang out some chords on an acoustic guitar or come up with a hook on a keyboard and then we’ll go from there.

Being based out of Perth and isolated from a large portion of Australia’s music scene, do you think that makes it harder to break through?

It seems that way I guess. Like its just stupid expensive for us to go over east to meet up with industry heads/ tour which sucks, but Perth has an awesome music scene and with the internet it helps to get your music all over the place without having to play there.

You have released several great tracks; ‘Distance’, ‘Joseph’, ‘Aurora’ that have received a bit of attention from the Js. Are their plans to release an EP shortly?

We’re about to release our first official single, which is a proper quality version of Distance that’ll be mastered and all that jazz and then the debut EP will be out late August/ early September.

What does Greyjoy have planned for the rest of 2012, any big plans for the future?

Just record as much as we can and play as many shows as possible and hopefully get over east when we get a chance.

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