The Twoks – 240 Volts

Living in a house with atrocious electrics, I have blown numerous things up in the previous year. The good news is that this funky little duo from Melbourne called The Twoks have written a heartwarming song to document the ‘240 Volts‘ that power each 3 pronged plug.

’240 Volts’ not only has amusing lyrics, but is a pretty cool and catchy listen. There is so much to love about this song. Firstly, I love the vocals by Xani Kolac, which manage to create this essence of cuteness but without overstepping the mark and being sickly sweet. There is also so much clever layering of instruments, which makes its easy to think there is more that two people responsible for the sounds. The drums are steady and rise in the right places, but it is the catchy high pitched synth overlay that really grabs you. Its a tune with a simple message, constructed well and results in a beautiful warm song, you cannot help but enjoy.

The Twoks are a really cool little band that I am glad I stumbled across. I hope you enjoy them and their cute tunes just as much.

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