Major Tom and The Atoms – The House That Love Built

Major Tom and the Atoms have to be one of the most exciting rhythm and blues bands I have ever seen, and their music is something I had to share.

There are plenty of 6-piece bands, but Major Tom and the Atoms are a true orchestra. The deep baritone voice of one time Little Red member, Tom Hartney, is such a pretty strong voice to build a band around and he definitely delivers the goods. ‘The House That Love Built’ is a real foot stomper, and you can tell instantly from the strut worthy beats in the intro. Once the sax hits, you cannot help but dance your heart out. It is one of those songs that your parents would enjoy and say has been done before, but I tell you, nobody has made brass sounds this cool before.

Having caught Major Tom and the Atoms supporting King Cannons last Thursday, I can tell you they put on one hell of a show. Any band with a bit of brass has me intrigued, but when the sax player jumps into the mosh whilst playing some crazy swashbuckling solo, you know they are something special. One of the better live acts I have seen this year, Major Tom and The Atoms put on a display.

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