Marionettes – Swim Away From Me

The Marionettes are a fresh new roots band from Melbourne who have produced a beautifully elegant track called ‘Swim Away From Me’.

Put simply, ‘Swim Away From Me’ is a low-fi roots gem. Featuring delicately strummed chords, soft guitar overlays and a calm snare hi-hat drum routine, it is the kind of track you cannot help but relax to. Add the sweet warm vocals of Emily Burton, and you have a song that can take away the most intense of stresses. The Marionettes strip their music to the bare bones, but in doing so somehow manage to create a sound that is so complete and finds that little something extra to make them stand out.

For a band that only formed in early 2012, The Marionettes have really got the ball rolling with ‘Swim Away From Me’, so expect much bigger things to come.

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