Fushia – Open Invite EP Review

I stumbled across Fushia after a recommendation from a friend, and what a good little tip that was, with the Brisbane boys producing one hell of an EP in ‘Open Invite‘.

The EP dropped way back in March, so whilst not new, it’s of such epicness that we thought it we would share it with you.

The six-track EP opens up with the slower, almost Coldplay-esque ‘Nocturnal’, which eventually quickens into a belting indie rock track. From there the EP just keeps the energy flowing with six more fun and soaring indie anthems.

My two favourite tracks have to be ‘Mood Swing’ and ‘Brunswick St’. Mood Swing is a smashing tune. From the catchy as anything keys at the onset, the soft screeching guitar riffs, all the way to the strut worthy beats, this track rocks. It has you jiving and playing air guitar all the way through. So catchy, just super fine indie rock.

The well received Triple J played, ‘Brunswick St, is a much more intense affair compared to the other tracks on the EP. Its impossible to stand still to, and rocks your pants off with its energetic, high tempo beat and cascading guitar. It is also really nice to see a song written about Brisbane and Australia in general, with so many finding it easier to write about London, LA and New York than their hometown city.

Fushia have put together a collection of six pumping dance-able indie anthems. With two EPs under their belt, plenty of performing experience, and a wealth of potential, expect big things to come from this infectious indie outfit!

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