Tokyo Denmark Sweden – Little Quarters

Sydney threesome Tokyo Denmark Sweden have created an infectious form of dance-able indie pop in their song ‘Little Quarters‘.

Rich in synth, ‘Little Quarters’ drops some solid basslines with a healthy overlay of guitar to really get the party starting. The occasional vocals by Amy Pes are soft and fuzzy, and suit the track perfectly. In many ways they are the midpoint of Passion Pit and other Sydney indie dance outfit Cassette Kids, being slightly more dancey than the American outfit but not quite as intense as their fellow Sydney siders. They just pump out that mid tempo dance laced indie that is so enticing, even the most tame of music fans will be drawn back to the discotheque. ‘Little Quarters’ is quite the tune.

The guys have been doing the rounds in Sydney lately, so keep your eyes peeled, they are bound to be playing near you again soon!

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