Velociraptor – Riot

Queenslands small 12-piece orchestra known as Velociraptor are back with another energetic indie tune called ‘Riot’.

On the Velociraptor scale of rock, ‘Riot’ sits mid way between the casual 70s vibe of ‘Cythnia’ and their earlier more Hives-like rock of ‘Sleep With The Fishes’. The chanting vocals on the crux lyric “Riot” are pretty sweet, as are the screeching guitars and thumping drums. Its a classic rock track, with the group dynamics of having 12 members all pulling their weight in the backing vocals giving it that extra punch. ‘Riot’ also has a freaking awesome comic book inspired video clip, that even pays a little homage to their earlier single ‘Cynthia’, as well as featuring some unknown superheroes who resemble Mexican wrestlers. Nacho Libre, is that you?

With two singles having dropped this year, one hopes that a new EP or album isn’t far off.

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