Adele and Glenn – Carrington Street Album Review

Adele and Glenn are a quirky duo from Brisbane who have released an original and eclectic mix of songs on their blissfully sweet album ‘Carrington Street‘.

‘Carrington Street’ is one of those albums you come across and you wonder how it happened, as every track seems to be written so effortlessly. It is an album that screams casual, but not in a cheap demo tape kind of way. Its as though they woke up and were like lets make music. As a result you have an album that is not only extremely relaxing, but also fun, heartwarming and at times pretty out there.

The quirkiness is prehaps best demonstrated by the lead single ‘I Wish I Was Sparrow’. The subtle rhythm is driven by soft percussion and the decision to hold back on the drums, gives the track a unique almost precise feel to it. The lyrics are fun, the vocals soft, and the guitars glide through every single riff. Albeit it slightly random, it is one of those happy, easy listening tracks that will always bring a smile to your face. The attached video is more evidence to the bands random nature and the joy behind their music.

Another favourite is the whimsy harmonica and vocal harmony driven folk ballad ‘Happiness’, which really shows off the heartwarming side of Adele and Glenn’s music. Its a love song, that you can almost imagine was written effortlessly on the spot, all from the heart and judging by Adele’s repeated refrains, feelings shared. Its a lovely delicate little number.

The upbeat, ‘City of Sound’  was a great inclusion, with the rocky driving nature of this track really helping to mix up the album. It really shows off the raw talent Adele and Glenn have across the genres. The more pronounced drums and guitar, and raised tempo also mean its a tune you can really get your groove to. The cascading guitar riffs and ooh-oohs get me every time.

The cruisy feel of ‘Grey Suits’ and slightly more driven ‘Rescue’ just highlight the relaxed nature of Carrington Street. It is the one of those albums to wind down to, best played on a Friday night after a hectic week, or Sunday to celebrate the much required time of relaxation.

Adele and Glenn have produced a fantastic piece of easy listening and fun music with ‘Carrington Street’, its heartwarming, cute and joyful all wrapped up in a delicate coat of happy go lucky charm.

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