Gypsy and The Cat – Sorry

Gypsy and The Cat have released ‘Sorry‘, their first single in a while, signalling the forthcoming release of their new yet unnamed sophomore album due out this summer.

‘Sorry’ opens with this rich mix of reggae beats and a healthy overlay of synth, perhaps showing off the boys DJ backgrounds. The falsetto of Xavier Bacash is back in full force, and whilst the lyrics are a little simplistic sticking to the refrain of  “I know you will, say you’re sorry, I’m already a ghost of the past”, it blends with the bohemian themed sound well. This is sure to be rejigged and reworked by the DJs everywhere, and if Nantes can have a remix EP for ‘Unsatisfy’, expect Gypsy and the Cat to follow suit.

‘Sorry’ is a cool new tune certain to be heard on dance floors everywhere, and has us psyched for summer and the full album release.

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