Fairchild Republic – Wish Upon A Paper Crane Album Review

Fairchild Republic are an rock band with grand ambitions. Think Killers, U2 and R.E.M and you are on the right track.  Disinterested in what is cool right now, they are writing emotional songs with a goal to move people. Their debut full length album ‘Wish Upon A Paper Crane’ is about to drop and is just as ambitious as the boys intended.

‘Wish Upon A Paper Crane’ has already had three singles lifted from it, with ‘Arcadia’, ‘Villages’ and ‘Stay Young’ giving us a pretty good idea of what Fairchild Republic are capable off. There is a reason these three singles dropped, and having them as the opening three tracks has you grooving and in the mood before the album even hits halfway.

Luckily the new material doesn’t disappoint either – in fact its on the contrary. ‘Tear Us Down’ is a melancholic themed song, that really takes off at the chorus with this fantastic intertwined beat with the drums and keys. ‘The Chase’ is more of Fairchild Republic’s energetic rock sound, with a healthy splattering of screeching guitars.

At 5:10 ‘Outside’ is by far the longest song on the album, but delivers a really organised and well layered rock sound, underpinned by some solid mid-tempo drumming and the catchiest of guitar hooks.I particularly like the stepladdering guitars to close out the track. It might be a marathon track, but the jangly guitars means it is a belter.

‘Heavy Hearts is the final track on the album, and perhaps best encompasses what Fairchild Republic set out to achieve. It has that deep and emotional connection as the vocals traverse another topic of awkward love. The lyrics  “I hear it coming, and you hear it coming”, is perhaps something everybody can relate to. Musically it is an all in sound, with cascading guitars, electrifying keys all held together by some uptempo drumming and solid hi-hat work. A great song to go out on.

Fairchild Republic have crafted an outstanding debut album, that really enforces that their melodic style of pop rock dominated by thumping beats, soaring vocal hooks and delightful keys. ‘Wish Upon A Paper Crane’ may be that special something to help Fairchild Republic achieve their grand ambitions.

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