Lavers – Our Little Empire


Canberra band Lavers, coincidentally made up of the two Laver brothers Dom and Sebastian, have just released their latest single ‘Our Little Empire’ off their impending 7 track EP ‘Endless Corridors‘.

‘Our Little Empire’  is a delicate and soulful acoustic number, and its easy to see how comparisons to Fleet Foxes and Bryan Adams have arisen. The thing that really stands out about ‘Our Little Empire’ and Lavers songs in general is the deepness to their songwriting. Each track contains a certain amount of emotion, but the boys deliver it in such a focused and controlled manner, as to raise awareness of the issues in the song, without impinging on the quality of listen. With a tagline such as ‘Our little empire’, where better to shoot the film clip than Japan? Matching the emotion in the track, the video clip seems to focus in on the isolation of a people, perhaps best summed up in the lyric “What happened to forever?”.

‘Our Little Empire’ is a great melancholy track, the kind that you appreciate more and more with every listen, and really shows that The Lavers have the songwriting potential to make large stamp on the Australian music scene.

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