Hey Geronimo – Why Don’t We Do Something

Hey Geronimo are a indie party starting outfit from Brisbane that have just released their debut self titled EP, and to celebrate we decided to feature the single ‘Why Don’t We Do Something‘ which is so catchy it puts the flu to shame.

With the band being an amalgamation of people from now defunct bands The Boat People and Montpelier, you knew that Hey Geronimo were always going to deliver the goods, and ‘Why Don’t We Do Something’ does just that. ‘Why Don’t We Do Something’ is one of those songs that just gets you up and about. Its bouncy clean energetic fun and delivers its message with so much enthusiasm even the most lazy of individuals would be tempted to go out and kick a footy. The video clip also rips on some of the classic iPhone games, running on the tagline, ‘why don’t we do something’, needless to say its quite amusing. ‘Why Don’t We Do Something’ is the kind of track you instantly know the lyrics to and can’t wait to shout them out at every opportunity.

Be sure to check out Hey Geronimo’s debut self titled EP, full of more of the same bouncy retro surf meets energetic indie pop.

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