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The Good China – ‘We Knew We Had To Leave’

good china

The Good China are a Melbourne 8-piece who have produced a fantastic debut EP in ‘Old Maps/New Roads’ of which ‘We Knew We Had To Leave’ is the lead single.

The Good China who as they put it ‘simple make music together’, somehow forgetting to mention the quality of their indie pop sound. ‘We Knew We Had To Leave’ is a combination of racing guitars, petite drums, keys and a myriad of different vocalists. Its fresh, positive and has some of the best lyrics of the year in “All the cool kids saying that they already knew it, saying ’I’m so f*@#ing Indie, I don’t even listen to music”. Its quality, and leans towards the elephant in the room at every Australian live music gig – I mean how can you enjoy music if you don’t have skinny jeans, paedophile-like facial hair, massive non-prescription glasses and don’t drink cider? Jokes aside, its a scorching tune.

Their ‘Old Maps/New Roads’ EP is inspired from bands such as Architecture in Helsinki, Los Campesinos! and Broken Social Scene, and an unhealthy obsession with mid-90s video gaming. Given the quality of ‘We Knew We Had To Leave’, be sure to check out the EP in full.

The Presets – Ghosts


The Presets new album ‘Pacifica‘ is due out September 7th, and the duo have let go another single in ‘Ghosts‘ to further build the hype towards their release date.

‘Youth in Trouble’ was average and suggested that The Presets were selfish lovers. It was 6 minutes slowly and repeatedly building up to this massive so-called climax , ready to drop , but never did. I was left unsatisfied. However, ‘Ghosts’ offers a slight redemption for the duo. For a start its shorter, sweeter, and doesn’t build, instead paying homage to the more indie side of their music. The vocal hooks in the chorus are phenomenal, and with lighter beats than previous, has this more relaxing vibe to it. It certainty hit the spot for me.

Two very different singles later, ‘Pacifica’ is shaping to be intersting album, I can’t wait to catch them at Parklife and hear the new album when it drops.

Owl Eyes – Love Run Dry

owl eyes

Following on from their earlier single ‘Crystallised‘, Owl Eyes have just dropped a new tune ‘Love Run Dry‘ which is sure to feature on their yet unnamed album they are working on.

‘Love Run Dry’ features the forever fantastical and dreamy vocals of Brooke Addamo mixed with an eclectic combination of indie beats and electric synth overlays. It follows the same vein as ‘Crystallised’ and ‘Raiders’, being more of that relaxing, slightly electro dream-pop that has become synonymous with Owl Eyes music. Owl Eyes have found their niche, and ‘Love Run Dry’ is another enjoyable track from Brooke Addamo and her band.

Owl Eyes has already commented on how scary she finds the concept of making an album. However, with two singles out, and work clearly underway on a new album, I hope we don’t her nerves have settled and we don’t have to wait to long to hear the finished project.


City Riots – Wait For You

city riots

Adelaide outfit City Riots have returned with a new single ‘Wait For You‘ off their impending album ‘Sea of Bright Lights‘ due out later this year.

Having enjoyed City Riots other tunes like ‘She Never Wants to Dance’, and in particular ‘Matchsticks’, I was keen to hear the new songs the band had produced during their songwriting getaway to rural South Australia. In many ways, ‘Wait For You’ is like City Riots took their jangly guitars and pop inspired vocals and travelled back in time to re-discover their edge with a 70s inspired reverb soaked, dreamy indie vibe. And to be honest, I think City Riots nailed it. They took their initial sound, changed some things, and overall enhanced it, without losing their identity. ‘Wait for You’ is a relaxed, hazy, chill out tune that just oozes cool.

We are really digging City Riots new sound, and their debut album ‘Sea of Bright Lights’ promises to be quite the listen when it drops in October. Until then you can catch them as they tour about the country, details below.

Tour Dates

Friday, August 31st | MUM at World Bar, Sydney

Saturday, September 15th | The Liberty Social, Melbourne

Friday, September 21st | Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Friday, August 18th | Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Professor – Mash Up Kings


I caught Professor opening for Fushia and Teal the other day at Kittens, and I want to know where they have been hiding?

Energetic, charismatic and not mention super talented, Professor played a scorching set of indie rock that had everybody in the place grooving and jiving. Frontman John Anthony was like a sassy soul mistress trapped  in a white mans body, he had swagger, confidence, and led the group entertaingly from the front. I think the technical term is he had stage presence.

The music ripped as well. If you didn’t like their original stuff (which everyone did anyway) you would have been blown away by their mash ups. I used to think mash ups were for DJs but after seeing Professor put the ‘Ghostbusters Theme’ into Lenny Kravitz ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’, and Gorillaz ‘Windmill’ into The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’, I am glad to report this is not the case.

Cool kids, cool music and brimming with ambition, watch out for the live show by Professor.

Jacob Butler – UKOK?


He might not have been played on Triple J, but Jacob Butler has made it big in Europe with ‘UKOK?’ a song inspired by his adventures to the motherland, where he was chewed and spat out by the freezing cold, dog eat dog metropolis that is London.

‘UKOK’ is a characteristic indie pop anthem, that has been described as ‘Teenage Fanclub after being taken to with a chainsaw by Nirvana! Despite the 90s britpop meets grunge rock comparisons, ‘UKOK’ is a solid rock track, underpinned by some mid tempo drumming, a heavy bass line and the soaring vocal hooks of Jacob Butler. Its easy listening and in true pop form, pretty catchy.

Music aside, the accompanying videoclip set on location in London has to be one of the most entertaining around in a fun, kind of awkward way. Featuring Jacob Butler playing bass in front of Buckingham Palace, riding the tube and London’s big red buses, the video clip is cliched but has an essence of enjoyable cheesiness that makes it all okay.

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