The Good Ship – O’ Exquisite Corpse Album Review

The Good Ship are a band of drunken sailors who have got together to release a second album in ‘O’ Exquisite Corpse‘ detailing tales of the sea, debaucherous women and anything even slightly related to being a pirate.

The thing that stands out about ‘O’ Exquisite Corpse’ is that even though the album is approached in a fun and jocular manner, the music is pretty solid, with detailed lyrics that manage to draw everything seaworthy out of every song. The guys also don’t hold back, they call a shovel, a shovel, and a vagina a vagina, and although many might cringe, it is all quite light hearted. But it is all in the warning on the bands website, clearly stating that “The Good Ship is a very bad ship’.

In true pirate fashion, ‘Grenfell’ and ‘Sin City Sweetheart’ are the two tracks that best explore the morals of loose women. ‘Grenfell’ in particular tells the humourous story of ‘The Grenfell Sluts’ those girls teenage boys dream of, the type that ‘were always eager to please’. The bluntness of The Good Ship has to be highlighted in ‘What I’m Trying To Say’, with crude gems such as “If you were my penis, I’d be your vagina, you know what I’m trying to say”.

‘Powder Monkey’ is perhaps the most legitimate song on the album. Driven by an uptempo drum pattern, and carefully layered, the songs chorus takes off with some bouncing brass trumpets. Its fast, has lyrics appropriate for the radio, and a real punchy rock sound. Yet at now point does ‘Poweder Monkey’ ever slide away from the pirate theme. Easily my favourite track off the album.

‘Seven Seas’ and  ‘Glory’ provide more sea shanty sing-a-longs, whilst the album finishes off with deep slow rock number ‘Gentlemen Don’t Tell’. ‘Gentlemen’ Don’t Tell’ has a somewhat obvious message, but the use of strings and slow drum pattern was a nice mix up to end the fun and marine themed album.

Its amazing to see how Australia continues to produce concept bands that never cease to entertain, with other notables including The Beards (Beards) and Graveyard Train (Horror Rock). The Good Ship have managed to do just that, with ‘O’ Exquisite Corpse’ being a humorous sea shanty adventure, and the music’s pretty good too.

You can stream ‘O’ Exquisite Corpse’ in full here.





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