TC and The Drop Bears – Baby Honey

TC and The Drop Bears are from Melbourne and their indie pop track ‘Baby Honey’ is infectious to a new degree.

‘Baby Honey’ had my ears oozing with delight from listen number one. The bounding guitars rise and fall along the scale, in what has to be one of the catchiest hooks around. The lyrics are simple, polite and delivered with this Julian Casablancas air of coolness. Its as though singer, Thomas Conroy knows hes onto a winner, so much so that he can just rock back and casually let his voice fill you in on his ‘Baby Honey’. Add the rolling drum pattern, complete with bouncy break and you have some glorious sing-a-long indie pop. Puns aside, ‘Baby Honey’ is a sweet tune.

Hibernation is well and truly over, here’s to hearing a lot more from TC and The Drop Bears.

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