Q & As with Hope Springs

Coming out of sunny Queensland, Coolum to be precise, it the three piece outfit known to you and I as Hope Springs. Having received airplay on Triple J, and with an EP well on the way, we caught up with boys to uncover more about this rising indie rock band. Here is what they had to say…

Lets kick it off, Who are Hope Springs? How did you meet?

In short: Tim Lee – Vocals Guitar, Jodan Longfield – Bass,  Joshua Lee – Drums

The recent line-up change has these talented multi-instrumentalists forge a new chapter in the Hope Springs story and it’s a best seller.

Original members Tim Lee on guitar and vocals and ex-drummer Jodan Longfield now slinging the bass are joined by Joshua Lee on skins to create the Sunshine Coast three-piece outfit. Tim and Jodan have a long history within the local vibrant music scene and the Lee brothers’ music journey goes back to their childhood days making the Hope Springs transformation a seamless episode and a testament to the combined years of musical experience. This has enabled the band to explore a complete new sound, write a bunch of new songs and continue delivering crafted live performances.

The name, how did you come up with Hope Springs? What were the alternatives you discussed?

There was a great band from Melbourne Called Gersey, they had a LP and it was called Hope springs. That’s about it really. No other alternatives

Did you have any musical projects before Hope Springs?

Jodan played in “Leslie 2 speed” and “Secret sides”.

Josh played in a band in Sydney “The Resistance” and in another band with Tim growing up called “Deadweight beauty”

Tim played in Neverlution and Secret sides.

Where was your first ever live show, and who were you supporting?

The new line ups 1st show was in January this year. We supported “I, a man” and “Tourism “

You have been gigging around lately, including playing with another one of our new favourite bands Jakarta Criers, what has been your favourite gig so far?

Yeah, it has been an amazing year so far. We have played 16 live shows so far. We had a major show booked in for “The Espy” in Melbourne, and we thought we need more live shows under our belt before that gig. Then we saw a poster for a battle of the bands competition. So we entered it. The 1st heat – we came 2nd and made it to the next week, so we played the next week, we won that heat and made it to the grand final and had to play against 10 other bands. The result was…….. we won. We won a nice amount of cash and a free ep recording. The next morning we flew to Melbourne to play the espy show

I would say the best show we played was at The Sol bar last month. We played with “Battleships” and “Jakarta Criers”. Don’t know why it was so good, I guess it’s because the venue was packed and we had a lot of our fans there and we killed the show and made new fans and friends including the “Jakarta Criers” boys

What is the strangest thing that has happened when you have been performing so far?

A 15 year old girl yelled out to Tim “I want to have your babies”

How do you go about making your music? What is the first thing you do when writing a new song,or does it vary?

Timothy writes the songs to an extent and brings them to the studio and plays it to us, and then we all work at it over many bottles of red wine. Tim has in his head what he wants to get out of the song and the emotion he wants, but as a band we work really well together and the songs come along nicely.

What do your record collections look like? What are the albums you have always listened to, and the ones that never get old?

I would have to say Bluebottle Kiss for both questions, I have every SP,EP,LP they have put out and they’re my favourite band . But we have always been big Australia music fans. I (Joshua) have 400 plus cds. Big Heavy Stuff, Crow, Glide, The Church, Adam said Galore – list is way too big.

Although every band is different, what other acts have most influenced the sound you hear in Hope Springs?

Again Bluebotte Kiss guitar sounds plus Mogwai, Afghan Whigs, Art of fighting, Dinosaur jr and Adam said Galore

There have been rumours of a forthcoming EP, can you shed any more light on the matter?

We have a heap of new songs and Yes. Drum roll please grgrgrgrgrgrgrgr, We will be recording the new EP in September!!!

2012 has seen you guys take some big steps, including an interview on JJJ unearthed to be air in next few weeks. What does 2013 have in stall for Hope Springs?

2013 wow. Start with this year, the Ep will be out then a few shows. We also have a few festivals that we are not allowed to mention just yet, they have told us we are on the short list including some for next year.

In 2013 we will be pushing the EP in Japan and trying to do a short tour including the “Fuji Rock festival” fingers crossed


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