Cogel – The Bug

Cogel are five piece band from Sydney responsible for the heart warming indie folk song ‘The Bug‘.

Backed by a rich blend of woody percussion and the eloquent strings of the violin, Cogel manage to encompass a sound that is not only unique but strikingly beautiful to listen to. Combined with the precious soft vocals of Nic Cogels, ‘The Bug’ delves into the heavy lyrics exploring the want and difficulty in love. Cogel manage to create a song that sucks you in emotionally, with the meticulous guitar and strings work picking its way to really strike a chord inside of the listener. It is one of those delicate songs that just breathes warmth and passion. A fantastic track.

With Edward Deer (of ‘Washed Ashore’ fame) hiding behind the drums, it is clear that Cogel are a very talented group of musicians. With an EP in the works, Cogel are a band to watch out for in the next year.

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