Friday Cover – Sweet Apes do Fireflies (Owl City)

Today’s Friday Cover is by Sydney post-hardcore rock outfit The Sweet Apes, who have stripped back and ‘rock-ified’ former #1 pop hit ‘Fireflies‘ by Owl City.

Ray Vavasis has managed to take one of pops most catchy and equally irritating choices for a number #1 and turn it into a rocky little acoustic number. The replacement of the high pitched keys for the acoustic guitar duo is very much welcomed in my opinion, and really gives a more personal and less synthetic feel to the song. Rays vocals, like in her Sweet Apes recordings are strong, powerful and melodic and really traverse the lyrics in a much more realistic manner than Owl City. The intricate guitar work around the 2 minute mark, and in the general key conversion is impressive. A great cover by a great band.

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