Kill Teen Angst – The Hardest Thing

 Kill Teen Angst are a humorously named indie-punk-rock four piece from WA, responsible for the intense track ‘The Hardest Thing’.

If you had to judge Kill Teen Angst on their opening riff, you would surely guess they play a more conventional indie rock sound. However, with the impact of the raw intense vocals the heavier punk rock side really shows through. The guitars oscilate up and down the scale to really create this chilling vibe, whilst the waning bass and driving beats help to contribute tot he intensity of the track. Its an unusual mix of genre’s that is fast, haunting, but oddly catchy and really maintains your attention. The corresponding video is somewhat confronting, some may say ‘emo’ to quote noughties lingo, but captures the intensity and ferociousness of Kill Teen Angst’s vibes effectively.

Despite the track kicking around for nigh on two years, its still packs a punch with every listen. You can check out more from Kill Teen Angst on their debut album ‘No Walls in the Sky’.


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