Pat Tierney – Time To Leave This Town

Pat Tierney is a one-man orchestra with skills on the slide and acoustic guitars, harmonica, melodica and the odd bit of percussion, all present in his track ‘Time To Leave This Town‘.

Despite being able to play a ridiculous amount of instruments, it is really clear that Tierney has near on immaculate guitar skills. His vocals are pretty solid too, and tell a lyrically heartwarming song of love and separation fantastically well. The harmonica provides a great bridge between verses, whilst the charismatic guitars continue to carefully roll throughout the song. Pat Tierney is one of those singer/songwriters/full orchestra’s who has the ability to produce really uplifting music that touches every listener, and ‘Time To Leave This Town’ is the perfect example.

A singer songwriter with extraordinary capabilites be sure to check out more of Pat Tierney’s music at Triple J Unearthed or his website.


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