Q and As with Parachute Youth

Parachute Youth’s track ‘Can’t Get Better Than This’ is one of the party starting anthems of 2012. In the lead up to Parklife we caught up with the duo for a quick Q and A sesh. Here is what the guys had to say…

How did you come up with the name ‘Parachute Youth’?  

We believe that people are growing up these days feeling like they constantly needing a safety net, everyone should take a chance on something they love.

You perform as a duo, how did you guys meet and come to make music together?

We met at a place called Botanic Bar in Adelaide, and we had similar friends but had never met. Form that night onwards we just kept catching up and making music.

Was Parachute Youth the first band either of you were in? Were you in any other bands, or have any other musical talents?

I had been deejaying a lot and Johnny comes quite a musical family too, so music something we have always been surrounded with.

Where was your first ever live show, and who were you supporting?

‘Down the rabbit hole’ in Perth we playing on the same bill as Van She, Flume and other talented folk. Was amazing.

You have just done a massive tour across the country, what was your favourite gig and why? Nobody forgets their first, Perth will be something we remember for sure.

How do you go about making your music? Where do you start, the bassline, the hooks, vocals etc?

Not telling! Haha… honestly it changes everytime.

 ‘Can’t Get Better Than This’ has been touted by some as the anthem for 2012 and we’re only half way through the year. Did you think this song was going to be as big as it is?

Not at all, we are very taken by the response and we are so happy people are feeling what we were in the studio when we made it.

I saw on your blog that somebody had the lyrics “We’re still chasing fireflies” tattooed on them, is that craziest thing one of your fans has done.

Yeh we have seen three girls with that tattooed on them, what can you say? It’s very flattering.

What inspired the road race in the ‘Can’t Get Better Than This’ videoclip? And do you have a pair of those awesome bike goggles at home?

Nah we don’t have the goggles, but the film clip came about from myself and Julian talking whilst I was in Paris and mentioned an idea for a short film and I said “that would be an amazing film clip!?”… Next thing he was flying to Africa.

You’re playing at Parklife, (other than yourself) who are you most excited to see at Parklife and why?

The new Presets music, we love those guys. Jacques Lu Cont is a fave as well and Labrinth will be a lot of fun too!

2012 has been massive for Parachute Youth, what is the next instalment for you guys?

More releases and more touring for sure, we can’t wait for summer!

Parachute Youth playing Parklife 2012, visit http://www.parklife.com.au for tickets and info


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