Alexis and The Missing Pieces – Got To Be Real

Alexis and The Missing Pieces have given us the first taste of what to expect on their EP ‘Paper Cut Outs‘, with the single ‘Got To Be Real’.

The upbeat number combines driving beats with a healthy overlay of guitar to create a rocky folk song that you cannot help but tap your feet along to. I love the way Alexis Nicole’s voice punches through in this track so strongly – it’s full of passion and character. ‘Got To Be Real’ is the kind of fun folk rock that you can listen to with your mother, drive with the windows down to and chill out on the couch with. Its an all purpose listen and so satisfying.

Alexis and The Missing Pieces ‘Paper Cut Outs’ EP will drop later this year, and given the enjoyment of ‘Got To Be Real’, I am more than excited to hear their next installment.

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