Professor – Mash Up Kings

I caught Professor opening for Fushia and Teal the other day at Kittens, and I want to know where they have been hiding?

Energetic, charismatic and not mention super talented, Professor played a scorching set of indie rock that had everybody in the place grooving and jiving. Frontman John Anthony was like a sassy soul mistress trapped  in a white mans body, he had swagger, confidence, and led the group entertaingly from the front. I think the technical term is he had stage presence.

The music ripped as well. If you didn’t like their original stuff (which everyone did anyway) you would have been blown away by their mash ups. I used to think mash ups were for DJs but after seeing Professor put the ‘Ghostbusters Theme’ into Lenny Kravitz ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’, and Gorillaz ‘Windmill’ into The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’, I am glad to report this is not the case.

Cool kids, cool music and brimming with ambition, watch out for the live show by Professor.

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