The Presets – Ghosts

The Presets new album ‘Pacifica‘ is due out September 7th, and the duo have let go another single in ‘Ghosts‘ to further build the hype towards their release date.

‘Youth in Trouble’ was average and suggested that The Presets were selfish lovers. It was 6 minutes slowly and repeatedly building up to this massive so-called climax , ready to drop , but never did. I was left unsatisfied. However, ‘Ghosts’ offers a slight redemption for the duo. For a start its shorter, sweeter, and doesn’t build, instead paying homage to the more indie side of their music. The vocal hooks in the chorus are phenomenal, and with lighter beats than previous, has this more relaxing vibe to it. It certainty hit the spot for me.

Two very different singles later, ‘Pacifica’ is shaping to be intersting album, I can’t wait to catch them at Parklife and hear the new album when it drops.

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