The Good China – ‘We Knew We Had To Leave’

The Good China are a Melbourne 8-piece who have produced a fantastic debut EP in ‘Old Maps/New Roads’ of which ‘We Knew We Had To Leave’ is the lead single.

The Good China who as they put it ‘simple make music together’, somehow forgetting to mention the quality of their indie pop sound. ‘We Knew We Had To Leave’ is a combination of racing guitars, petite drums, keys and a myriad of different vocalists. Its fresh, positive and has some of the best lyrics of the year in “All the cool kids saying that they already knew it, saying ’I’m so f*@#ing Indie, I don’t even listen to music”. Its quality, and leans towards the elephant in the room at every Australian live music gig – I mean how can you enjoy music if you don’t have skinny jeans, paedophile-like facial hair, massive non-prescription glasses and don’t drink cider? Jokes aside, its a scorching tune.

Their ‘Old Maps/New Roads’ EP is inspired from bands such as Architecture in Helsinki, Los Campesinos! and Broken Social Scene, and an unhealthy obsession with mid-90s video gaming. Given the quality of ‘We Knew We Had To Leave’, be sure to check out the EP in full.

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