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Pear Shape – A.E.I.O.U.


Sydney four-piece Pear Shape are following up their success with carbonated pop number ‘The Coca Cola Kid‘, with their new vowel themed song ‘A.E.I.O.U.’.

Full of catchy grooves and killer jangly guitar tones, ‘A.E.I.O.U.’ is more of the same uptempo fun music that Pear Shape are fast becoming renowned for. The chorus has a fantastic build, with harmonies to die for,  and that one electrifying pattern that hooks me in with every listen. Its another track of indie pop goodness, from a band that is rapidly staking its claim in the Aussie music scene with their playful and energetic live sets. Plus they give out free pears at their gigs – cool and thoughtful. Its also good to see that somebody else other than Kim Kardashian is praising the return of the Pear Shape.

If you have enjoyed both of Pear Shape’s releases, there is more, so be sure to check out the bands self-titled EP on Bandcamp.

The Darjeelings – Crimes


The Darjeelings are four gorgeous, high school girls from Melbourne and their indie-pop, jazz style is smooth, refreshing and extremely delectable, with their track ‘Crimes’ being the perfect example.

‘Crimes’ is an a cappella song, and these babes flow graciously through the harmonies with Mairead O’Connor’s lead vocals effortlessly in tune with that subtle swing of jazz. Megan Washington is listed as one of their inspirations and her jazzy vocals can be clearly heard through Mairead’s voice. The other girls keep perfectly in time and the harmonies are pitch perfect. If making cool music wasn’t enough for the four high schoolers, music producer Benjamin McCarthy (Pete Murray, Kate Miller-Heidke and Megan Washington) personally approached The Darjeelings himself to help produce their self titled debut EP. Given the calibre of ‘Crimes’, and the nature of those producing the EP, the Darjeelings debut has a lot of promise to it.

These four sweethearts have received shining reviews off of their Triple J Unearthed site, and will have their official, all-ages EP launch on the 6th of October at the Northcote Town Hall as a part of the Darebin Music Feast. They’ll also be supporting indie band Francolin at the Evelyn Hotel on the 22nd of October so head over there for some bangin’ tunes and a wonderful night out with The Darjeelings.


Cold and Need – Kaleidoscope


Brisbane band Cold And Need have unveiled their second single ‘Kaleidoscope‘, complete with video clip (in 1080p!), from their recent EP ‘Colours and Shapes‘.

Cold and Need deliver a solid pop number, featuring some shimmering bass, cascading guitars and vocals delivered in a solid crisp manner by Chris Wiggins. The thing that stands out with ‘Kaleidoscope’ is the diversity of sound throughout the track. Every member gets their chance to shine, and they don’t disappoint, with soaring guitar hooks, standout bass riffs and super tight drumming throughout. Yet, the track is layered such that despite these individual performances, the complete sound is nothing short of epic. In many ways, I guess that makes ‘Kaleidoscope’ the ultimate team track – as well as a scorching listen.

I am always a sucker for subliminal advertising, also called referring to the album title, in songs. So the fact that Cold and Need manage to weave references to their ‘Colours and Shapes’ EP gives them a couple of bonus points, as well as subtly inspiring me (and probably others) to go and buy the EP.

P.S. In a side note – I did get the EP, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Briscoe – Animal


Briscoe is a Syndey 6-piece that you are sure to hear of over the next couple of months if the single ‘Animal‘ is anything to go by.

In ‘Animal’, Briscoe has produced a folk-pop tinged, relaxing indie gem. Its a real slow-burner, one of those songs that starts off quiet and easy going and builds into a monster of a tune. Its a sound that just envelops your ears, delicately skipping through the initial acoustic verses before bounding off into a energetic climax. From soothing acoustic guitar sounds to the hazy casually sung vocals, ‘Animal’ maintains  this chilled breezy vibe to it. There is some definite nods towards the likes of Wilco, and given their popularity and longevity you would hope Briscoe could do the same. Briscoe have crafted a well rounded tune that manages to let the individual be heard, whilst not detracting from completeness of that characteristic band sound.

If you’re digging this tune, you will be pleased to know that Briscoe’s new album ‘Friends Ago’ will drop on November 9th, and correspond with another new single to celebrate. I can’t wait.


Agent Fontaine – Superhero

Agent Fontaine

Agent Fontaine are a Tasmanian pop rock outfit who have produced a delightful debut EP of which title track ‘Superhero’ is a real favourite.

‘Superhero’ provides a strong piano rock sound, with an extra side serving of punk. Its well layered, bouncy and has one of those infectious baselines that will struggle to keep you from tapping your feet. The nature of Agent Fontaine’s piano rock sound draws similarities to Queen, whilst the melodic punk undercurrents are perhaps more comparable to Panic at the Disco. Overall, I would say that ‘Superhero’ is like Elton John got angry, took some drugs, got to his piano and let it all come out on. Except, Elton John has done that, and it doesn’t sound anywhere near as enjoyable as ‘Superhero’ and doesn’t do Agent Fontaine justice.

Superhero is a fantastic listen and forms the crux of an awesome debut EP by Agent Fontaine, so be sure to check them out.

The Deer Republic – Young Reverie


Sydney’s Tooheys UncharTED winners from a couple of years ago, The Deer Republic have produced an indie masterpiece with their latest track ‘Young Reverie‘.

‘Young Reverie’ channels this distinct Arcade Fire (or should I say Delta Goodrem???) vibe, layering harmonies, rich percussion beats and cascading guitars to creating a track that just oozes charm. It is the delicateness and softness of the vocals thats adds an extra facet to The Deer Republic that sets them apart from the rest of the competition. Add the soulful harmonies, a fantastic marching beat, and rich array of guitar sounds, and you have one of those songs that is hard not to enjoy. ‘Young Reverie’ is an awesome tune, and the newly released videoclip is also pretty sweet, wrapped in all its snow capped mountain goodness.

‘Reverie’ is fantastic listen, and I hope Deer republic keep producing the goods, because I think they aren’t far from creating something very (very) special.

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