World’s End Press – Second Day Uptown

World’s End Press are a band that has occupied more than their fair share of time on the Aussie Playlist iPod this year, and ‘Second Day Uptown’ is another ‘choice’ tune.

From start to finish ‘Second Day Uptown’ is electro rock played at its very best. It had us grooving, boogieing, and bouncing along from the first listen. Its upbeat, and has this fantastic 80s pop inspired interplay between the synth and tribal inspired beats. The build and drop towards each chorus is sensational, and the vocal hooks were orgasmic! Arrgh! They just nail that fun side of indie electro, in the same vein as Tim and Jean, and I love it.

World’s End Press have producing a scorching track in ‘Second Day Uptown’, keep a heads up for more!


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