Mining Boom – PDA

Has the mining boom ended dominated the press this week. I can tell you now that if they are talking about three piece Perth band Mining Boom, things are just getting started, if their tune PDA is anything to go by.

PDA is that song you hear on the radio and your instantly like “yes! what was that”, “Damn…shazam doesnt recorgnise it”. Then when your stopped at the lights you go quickly to your phone, use the Triple J App and work out what the hell song it was. Yes, it is that good. Its chilled, and not overly complex, but is what of those songs that doesn’t take itself to seriously. It is “more of the same”, and I love it. Finally a band who is happy to make music just for the fun of it. They even describe their sound as ‘Perth City Living’ making the west seem more appealing than ever before.  And if you needed anything more to satisfy you, it goes out with an interesting harmonica melody at the end. Gold.

Dear Mining Boom, you had me at from the first hook, and now I am a little obsessed, give me more.


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