Bertie Blackman – Boy

If Bertie Blackman‘s new album Pope Innocent X wasn’t already one of the most anticipated and potentially exciting releases for 2012, the release of second single ‘Boy‘ should surely make this the case.

‘Boy’ features that synonymous all round Bertie Blackman quirkiness and eclecticism. The bass line bounds, the guitars screech, and the keys just tickle your emotions throughout. But it is the honking of horns, combined with the rich percussion that adds that extra element of something special to ‘Boy’. ‘Boy’ also comes with a amazing and appropriately quirky video clip that was directed and animated by fellow musicians Quan Yeomans (of Regurgitator) and Celeste Potter (Ouch My Face). The animation is incredible and reminds me slightly of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. Regardless it suits the song perfectly – fun, different, and deliciously enjoyable.

Pope Innocent X hits stores October 12th, and having listened to the album already I can promise it will justify the hype. It’s something special.

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