Harts – All Too Real

Harts is a one man music machine, a instrumental god from Melbourne who has been wowing my ears with his latest tune ‘All Too Real‘.

Indie, electro and rock are three genres that have been merged before, but Harts manages to bridge the divide between the three in a unique manner, such that ‘All Too Real’ appeals to all. Its has plenty of synth that just oozes over the top of some crafty guitars and thumping mid tempo beats. I love the way Harts allows the rock side to really come out with a screeching guitar solo around the 3 minute mark, definitely winning points for coolness. Throughout the track, it didn’t lose any of its dance floor electro vibes, and I still felt that sudden urge to get my low intensity, head swaying groove on. Needless to say, I am sure that is what inspired the video clip.

‘All Too Real’ is the perfect blend of genres and a fun tune to groove along to, expect to see more from Harts.


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