Evermore – Follow The Sun

‘Follow The Sun’ is the new song by Evermore that sees them tread back to their more old school sound.

From the opening marching beats I was sold. It is nice to have some new Evermore music to listen to again. there is something about Jon Hume’s textured vocals, and the brotherly harmonies in general that just has this essence of grandeur and conjures up youthful energy. Needless to say I love it, and the marching beats are very cool. It is a welcome return to the more mellow sheltered basics for Evermore. Not that ‘Truth of The World’ was bad, on the contary, I like it, I just preferred their first two albums. Calmer, rythmic, and atmospheric more like ‘Too Late’ and ‘Running’.

If you like the first taste of Evermore’s new music, the tantalising ‘Follow The Sun’ album is not far away, dropping on October 12th.

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