Greenthief – Mr Number 1

Greenthief are a three piece outfit from Brisbane who have been bringing their own form of psychedelic rock out in latest single ‘Mr Number 1‘.

‘Mr Number 1′ features heavy clashing drums, grinding guitars and some soft back-up harmonies to create a song that is not only hard hitting but well composed and overall pretty nice listening. It does show a real nod towards Radiohead from the similarities in the guitar work the atmospheric vibe the song creates, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Having enjoyed their EP ‘Retribution’ I am glad to see that Greenthief haven’t lost their touch. Australia in general is having a real surge in psychedelic bands and I like the way that by creating songs that are slightly heavier Greenthief have been able to stamp their own identity on their music.

‘Mr Number 1′ is the first taste of the new Greenthief album, which they are currently in the process of recording with legendary producer Steve James (Sex Pistols, The Jam). Due out in 2013, it is promising to be quite the listen.


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