Grinspoon – Passerby

Grinspoon are back with a new single called ‘Passerby‘ taken off their newly released album ‘Black Rabbits’.

Having claimed that their new album was more “focused on melody and groove” than ever before, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Grinspoon. Luckily, they haven’t changed too much. In fact they seemed to have progressed just the right amount to both satisfy the critics and not upset the die hard fans. Featuring that classic wall of guitar sound, and more of Jamieson’s killer vocal hooks, ‘Passerby’ is a recognizably Grinspoon number that grows on you with every listen.  ‘Passerby’ also treads some new ground in its lull between choruses, with a vocal dominated verse backed by the grinding of soft fuzzed out bass grooves, atop a snare based drum pattern. It almost belongs in a Presets number or even a new Gossip song. Once the chorus kicks back in, you can feel that characteristic Grinspoon wall of guitar rock hit you once more, culminating in a pretty catchy listen.


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