Agent Fontaine – Superhero

Agent Fontaine are a Tasmanian pop rock outfit who have produced a delightful debut EP of which title track ‘Superhero’ is a real favourite.

‘Superhero’ provides a strong piano rock sound, with an extra side serving of punk. Its well layered, bouncy and has one of those infectious baselines that will struggle to keep you from tapping your feet. The nature of Agent Fontaine’s piano rock sound draws similarities to Queen, whilst the melodic punk undercurrents are perhaps more comparable to Panic at the Disco. Overall, I would say that ‘Superhero’ is like Elton John got angry, took some drugs, got to his piano and let it all come out on. Except, Elton John has done that, and it doesn’t sound anywhere near as enjoyable as ‘Superhero’ and doesn’t do Agent Fontaine justice.

Superhero is a fantastic listen and forms the crux of an awesome debut EP by Agent Fontaine, so be sure to check them out.

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