Briscoe – Animal

Briscoe is a Syndey 6-piece that you are sure to hear of over the next couple of months if the single ‘Animal‘ is anything to go by.

In ‘Animal’, Briscoe has produced a folk-pop tinged, relaxing indie gem. Its a real slow-burner, one of those songs that starts off quiet and easy going and builds into a monster of a tune. Its a sound that just envelops your ears, delicately skipping through the initial acoustic verses before bounding off into a energetic climax. From soothing acoustic guitar sounds to the hazy casually sung vocals, ‘Animal’ maintains  this chilled breezy vibe to it. There is some definite nods towards the likes of Wilco, and given their popularity and longevity you would hope Briscoe could do the same. Briscoe have crafted a well rounded tune that manages to let the individual be heard, whilst not detracting from completeness of that characteristic band sound.

If you’re digging this tune, you will be pleased to know that Briscoe’s new album ‘Friends Ago’ will drop on November 9th, and correspond with another new single to celebrate. I can’t wait.


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